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If Bray-Dunes has become a favorite seaside destinations of the inhabitants of our region, this is not due to the effect of chance.
Indeed, our city, while strengthening its bustling resort of image and by establishing effective cultural and sports facilities, has retained its soul. Balance between seaside town and large dune areas in which to take a walk. Balance between new buildings on streets lined promenade and postwar villas certain charm. Balance between festive events, festivals, concerts and sporting and games proposals ... It is this balance which, undoubtedly, Bray-Dunes has a seaside soul. Take a walk, sit in a sun terrace, lunch contemplating a sunset or sample authentic dishes of the family and you will feel immediately on vacation. In addition, the city has accompanied the tourism development by making equipment that allows, year round, to enjoy all these benefits: with 3D cinema, Dany Boon concert hall with a rich and varied annual program, media library and médiaplage . In short, Bray-Dunes is certainly a city where life is good, not only in summer but throughout the year.

You'll understand Bray-Dunes is a family town that moves and offers a multitude of activities for young and old.

The many sports activities, but also the discovery hikes, culture, local festivities will seduce the most demanding.


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